Fees and expenses

Overview of the fees charged by the University of Warsaw:

before acceptance:

after acceptance:

  • students ID 22 PLN
  • tuition fee for the 1st year: 2200 EUR (with possibility to pay in two or 10 instalments) Tuition fee for 2nd year: 2200 EUR (with possibility to pay in two or 10 instalments), tuition fee for 3rd year (undergraduate studies): 2200 EUR (with possibility to pay in two or 10 instalments). 
  • diploma (original and two certified copies), 
  • university dormitory (it is not mandatory, the student may choose to rent his/her own place)
  • there might be additional costs, if the students retakes a course/seminar, participates in extracurricular courses, looses a students ID (read more: https://www.wne.uw.edu.pl/index.php/en/students/fees-and-charges/).

The fees mentioned above are charged by the University of Warsaw, please remember that there are some additional costs charged by other institutions that refer to visa procedure, getting legalization/apostille, etc. 

For more details (e.g. bank account numbers) please read the information below. 

Application fee

Candidates remit the application fee. For Polish candidates it is PLN 85 (bank account number given in the IRK system), international candidates remit ~20 EUR or ~22,5 USD (depending on exchange rate). Please pay online:  Dotpay.

More: http://rekrutacja.uw.edu.pl/en/application-and-tuition-fees/

Students ID

Payment for Electronic Student ID (ELS)

After being accepted to studies the candidate should provide the Faculty with documents necessary to finish the procedure. Among those there is a bank receipt for student ID. 

PLN 22 (+ transfer costs)
Recipient: Uniwersytet Warszawski, Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28 
bank: Bank Millenium S.A.
bank address: ul. Stanisława Żaryna 2A, 02-593 Warszawa
account number: 56116022020000000076486236 

IBAN: PL 56116022020000000076486236
title: opłata za wydanie legitymacji 'your PESEL'

Tuition fees/waiver/refund


Tuition waiver


Tuition refund


 In case of an unsuccessful or postponed enrolment (including failure to arrive on time due to delayed visa issuance), students may apply to the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs for the return of already paid tuition fees no later than 31 October. Any applications submitted after that date will not be considered. Relevant applications should be submitted in person or forwarded via e-mail (2.[cu\o_'#TtA{bymQSEU~ng`H/]#[vwK[eQSZ|tH`y8ZhSZI9^dS]i5v) to the Students' Office of the Faculty of Economic Sciences UW.

Living expenses

According to QS Best Student Cities 2016 Warsaw is 2nd best place for international students in terms of affordability. The cost of living depends on the individuals’ needs and lifestyle. It can however be said that 500 USD per month is the average minimum needed to cover the cost of accommodation, transportation, food and academic materials.

• a place in a room in a dormitory – from 100 to 200
• single room in a flat – from 200 USD
• studio – from 400 USD

Local transport (with discount for students)
• single ticket - 0,6 USD
• 1-month - 13 USD

Other expenses
• a lunch in the students’ cafeteria – from 4 USD
• a coffee in a bar – from 1 USD
• a ticket to the cinema – from 5 USD
• a bread – 0.5 USD
• a student membership at a fitness club (one month)
– from 30 USD
• a student ticket to a museum – from 5 USD

For more details please vist numbeo

Living expenses in Warsaw vary considerably depending on lifestyle. Estimated minimum monthly student budget in Warsaw amounts to 500 USD, tuition fees not included. 
Student status entitles to several discounts in Poland. Students qualify for low-cost university housing. Holders of the Electronic Student ID card, irrespective of age, obtain a statutory 50% reduction on municipal transportation. Thus, a quarterly student travelcard in Warsaw (accepted on trams, buses, in tube and in local trains) amounts to roughly 23 EUR. Another significant discount is the National Health Fund medical insurance student tariff of roughly 10 EUR a month (compared to 55 EUR a month for professionals). Intercity domestic train tickets, textbooks, entry to cinemas and theatres, and many other goods and services are traditionally available to students at reduced prices in Poland.

Useful sites about Warsaw

  • Migrant - usefull information on visa, legalizing your stay in Poland
  • FROG - Foundation helps in completing formalities in Polish public institutions, organizes integration evenings
  • FSD - the Foundation for Social Diversity creates initiatives which help integration process
  • Fall in love with Warsaw (PDF file)
  • Warsaw in short (PDF file)
  • Top 10 sights in Warsaw (PDF file)

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