Deadlines (2021)



Round  for MA studies (full-time)

Round  for BA studies


Round  for BA studies (full-time and regular-evening mode)

Round  for MA studies (full-time and regular-evening mode)

Procedure will be opened only if the limit of places available in the programme is not exceeded after July. 

Round  for BA studies (full-time and regular-evening mode)

Round  for MA studies (full-time and regular-evening mode)

Online application. The candidate registers in the IRK system (www.irk.uw.,, enters personal data, chooses  the field of study, uploads required documents.

17 April – 6 May  

7 June - 5 July 

10 August – 13 September

Preliminary decisions on acceptance in the IRK system

20 May 

19 July 

24 September

The deadline for the candidates to finalize the procedure by submitting required documents 
(copies certified by a notary and other documents necessary after acceptance)

21, 24-25  May

20-22 July

27-28 September

The deadline to put the IB results into the IRK system is 8th July. 

* The deadline may be extended for foreigners residing outside Poland after confirming it with the Office of Admissions.

The rounds are conducted separately.


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