Actuarial Education at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw

Since 1990, Warsaw University Faculty of Economic Sciences has become a major centre of actuarial education. Faculty of Economic Sciences is responsible for and a host institution to the following educational initiatives:

  • Actuarial Summer School, the major international education programme in our region of Europe, with English as the working language (in co-operation with the Polish Society of Actuaries) - since 1991,
  • One-Year Postgraduate Certificate in Insurance, the major actuarial education programme in the country with Polish as the working language (the text of the page is in Polish) - launched in 1996

Owing to the participation of members of the Faculty in the Examination Board for Actuaries (appointed at the Ministry of Finance since 1996), on our server we offer free access to:

  • Problems from Actuarial Exams (text of the page is in Polish).
    The actuarial exam in Poland (required for obtaining the actuarial licence) consists of four parts devoted to subjects: Financial Mathematics, Life Insurance Mathematics, Non-life Insurance Mathematics and Probability & Statistics. Each part contains 10 problems in the form of multiple choice test (choice of one proper answer out of 5 possible answers). So far, as many as 18 editions of exams took place. Most of the 720 problems (with the proper answer marked) have been already edited and made available therein.

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