Your voice matters! Fill out evaluation survey in USOSweb

30 December 2017

Do you wish to have influence on the way economics is taught at WNE UW? There is a way to do it. Fill out evaluation surveys in USOSweb and allow yourself to have an impact on the quality of teaching held at WNE.

How does it work? You fill out questionnaires in USOSweb about the courses in which you have participated in during fall semester. After 26th January the Vice-Dean for Students Affairs downloads the results and discusses them with the Teaching Board, deciding about necessary changes that to be made. What is important is that the surveys are completely ANONYMOUS! The system allows the administration to download answers and data of the students separately. The sets of data can never go together.

Why is the survey important? The results of the questionnaires are analyzed by the Teaching Board and the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs and based on the responses decisions about changes are made. 

Each person who fills out the questionnaires will take part in a lottery. You may win:

1st place: Possibility to arrange weekly schedule according to your preferences + gadgets
2nd place: Possibility to resign from course without any additional fees + gadgets
3-6. places:  Possibility to meet with Vice-Dean for Student Affairs without the necessity to subscribe to the queue + gadgets
7-10. places: gadgets.

Deadline: 26th January 2018.

Thank you!

Note that evaluation surveys on paper handed in during classes refer to a different evaluation process at the University. They will not be taken under consideration in the lottery. 

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