Workshop on Statistical Data Science

3 February 2020

1st CSDA & EcoSta Workshop on
Statistical Data Science (SDS 2020)
25-28 August, Bologna, Italy

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This workshop is a Satellite Event of COMPSTAT 2020. It is associated with the new supplement of the journal Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, the Annals of Statistical Data Science (SDS). The workshop and the Annals of SDS are promoted by the CMStatistics network. The journals Computational Statistics & Data Analysis (CSDA) and Econometrics and Statistics (EcoSta) are the official publications of CMStatistics.

The Annals and the Workshop of Statistical Data Science will serve as an outlet for research using advanced computational and/or statistical methods for tackling challenging data analytic problems. They will become a valuable resource for well-founded theoretical and applied data-driven research. Significant computational or statistical methodological component for data analytics will be considered. In particular, contributions at the interface of computing, statistics addressing problems involving large and/or complex data are welcome. Emphasis is given to comprehensive and reproducible research, including data-driven methodology, algorithms and software.

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