Summer School of Interdisciplinary Polish and German Studies

20 April 2016

The Center for Interdisciplinary Polish Studies at the European University Viadrina in the Polish/German border will hold its THIRD ANNUAL SUMMER SCHOOL OF INTERDISCIPLINARY POLISH AND GERMAN STUDIES from JUNE 6 - JULY 15, 2016. 
This year’s emphasis is “Cultures in Transition. Central Europe in Transition.” It focuses on different aspects of everyday life and society in our region, and shows how ideas circulated from place to place before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall and Polish Round Table negotiations in 1989. It is an attempt to explain the ways culture changed after the Iron Curtain fell.
This program is designed for graduate or advanced undergraduate students interested in Polish/German studies broadly defined. In addition to providing the equivalent of one academic year of the Polish language instruction, the summer school also offers seminars on Polish studies (in English and in Polish) by the academic staff of the European University Viadrina and guest scholars.
In addition to seminars, we offer excursions, invited guest lectures, as well as cultural opportunities. For students interested in independent study and research, we have left Fridays and weekends open. Słubice is conveniently located in relation to major archives and libraries in Poland and Germany. The Summer School will be ended by a two-day workshop where participants as well as invited guests will have the opportunity to present their research on topics related to “cultures in times of transition”. Texts presented at the workshop will be published as a monograph.
Polish Language Course (on several levels)
Cultures in Transition: Europe 1985-2004
Research Seminar: Topics in Cultural History
“The Polish Economy.” Analytical Approaches to a National Stereotype in Transition
Language in Transition? Polish from Late State Socialism until Now
Minorities in Times of Transition
Cultures of Capitalism and the Post-Communist System Transition in Eastern Europe
*The Summer School and accomodation are FREE.*
Thanks to external funding, there is no tuition. All School events are free to registered participants (including language course and seminars). We also provide accommodation in comfortable student housing free of charge for all six weeks.
DURATION: June 6 - July 15, 2016
Center for Interdisciplinary Polish Studies
European University Viadrina
Frankfurt (Oder), Germany

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