Summer School in China

15 February 2019

Dear students, 

we have a chance to nominate two students for Summer School in China. Details below. Please send your motivation letter and CV to vice-dean dr hab. K.Kopczewska (6q+JhPW4yH|CL}adGwuF*O%Z$]#[|]v7LK9+m0^ZDlGm9o~'iE0Km) till 24th March 2019. 


With increasing successes in past seven years, we're delighted once again to welcome you and your students to participate in 2019 Discover SWUFE International Summer School themed as Global New Trends in Finance and Economics scheduled from July 14th to July 27th, 2019 in Chengdu, China!

The Discover SWUFE International Summer School is a two-week-long, credits-conferring, English-taught summer program focusing on Business Learning and Culture Experience in China. The program fee is WAIVED especially for our partner universities and prospective partners!

We give two fee-waived places to each partner university of SWUFE (with signed agreements or prospective partners). 

In 2019 a targeted program of focused academic content will be complementing the rich cultural exchange experiences. Students will be evaluated and certificated based on their contributions and performance within the academic, helping recognize the importance of the academic exchange within their personal academic development.

Why to join the Discover SWUFE International Summer School?

An opportunity to visit Chengdu, one of China's most rapidly expanding cities and host for the Summer School;

A comprehensive 2-week program immersing students in business education in China context with corporate experience;

A variety of curricular and cultural activities featuring lectures, workshop, company visits, sightseeing, cultural night and social events;

A diverse student body of the brightest young talents from the leading universities across continents;

A Certificate from SWUFE and 2 credits to serve as a permanent record for your academic achievements and active engagement during this memorable experience.

For your reference, the following documents are attached to this email. They can be also downloaded via the website :

1. 2019 Discover SWUFE International Summer School Brochure
2. 2019 Discover SWUFE International Summer School Syllabus
3. Discover SWUFE Online Application Guideline

We would appreciate if you could deliver the information to your undergraduate or graduate students, via email or website posting, thus attaching the texts and logo as well for your use where you see appropriate.

Please send us a list of nominates by March 31th and direct the students to complete application on-line at by April 30th, 2019. The nomination serves as a strong supportive application material for your university's applicants.

We warmly welcome your students to join the 2019 Discover SWUFE International Summer School! If you have any question, please feel free to contact 6q+JhPW4yH|CL}adGwuF*O]#[1Zl5c59}r_p7BdGm&\kOh= 6q+JhPW4yH|CL}adGwuF*]#[u[z*XG9%68t5/cjJ'm~$s.

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