Internships in Citi group

18 March 2016


Are you are a student of the third, fourth or fifth year? Are you interested in working at an international financial institution? Are you wondering how to join the team that handles really big transactions? Come to one of our Citi Open Days and get to know more about what we can offer you.

During Citi Open Days, you will be able to meet our employees who will present development opportunities in the area of Banking, Banking Operations, or IT. During the meeting, you will take part in a series of workshops based on practical examples. The case studies presented will introduce you to the world of banking seen with our eyes.

Depending on the day that you choose, you will get to know: How to successfully promote banking products in the world of new technologies? What does the work of the Treasury consist of? How does the Banking Operations Department support the everyday functioning of the bank? How to prevent money laundering? Who rates investment funds? What does managing IT infrastructure look like? During each of these sessions, you will receive tips concerning drawing up of application documents and preparation for job interviews. We will also tell you how to make your CV more attractive.

Decide which of these three areas is most appealing to you and submit your application until 29 March! 

Which Open Day will you select?

Citi Open Day

in Citi Handlowy – Banking


Citi Open Day

in Citi Service Center Poland – Banking Operations


Citi Open Day

in Citi Service Center Poland – IT


This day is dedicated to you if: you are studying economy (or related fields; year 3-5), you are interested in areas related to Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Transaction Banking, Risk or Treasury, and you are fluent in English.


Send your application
and meet us on 5 April!


The meeting will take place at the office of Citi Handlowy

in Senatorska 16, Warszawa.


Take part in this Open Day if:  you are fluent in English,  you are a student of year 3-5 (preferred fields of study: economics, mathematics, languages) and you are interested in areas such as money laundering prevention, investor services, financial analysis and product control.


Apply and join us on 6 April!


The meeting will take place at the office of Citi Service Center Poland

in Marynarska 12, Warszawa.


If you are a student at a technical university, if you can speak English and would like to pursue a career in the area of Information Technology, this Open Day is just for you.


Send us your application and visit us on 7 April!

The meeting will take place at the office of Citi Service Center Poland

in Marynarska 12, Warszawa.


Have you selected the area that you fit best? Do not waste your time: apply until 29 March!

We are waiting for students of years 3-5 from universities all over Poland – we will cover the travel expenses.

Please send us your CV to the following address: ecFf\ij&aVQ~E=YU]#[YX8KBX_DE@FhNxIC. Please put “Citi Open Day” in the subject field of your e-mail + the date of the meeting and the area that you are interested in (Banking, Banking Operations, IT).

We will invite selected candidates to Warszawa to one of our City Open Days.


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