International Mobility Program

27 May 2015

The program is organized by the International Business School Americas (IBS-Americas), responsible for coordinating short-term Certificate Programs in New York in partnership with renowned North-American Universities.

Promoting international engagement for undergraduate students, the program awards scholarships to students in order to recognize and encourage individual talents, academic achievement, leadership skills, and international experience. As the dean of IBS-Americas, it is my pleasure to invite your students to apply for them.

Programs are held in January and in July each year in three different Campuses: The State University of New York, at New Paltz, Mount Saint Mary College, at Newburgh, and The College of Saint Rose, at Albany (New York’s Capital). All Institutions offer accommodation in their student dorms, as well as breakfast and lunch in class days.

They are all located in the state of New York, and offer the following intensive programs:

  • Marketing and Value Management;
  • Competitive Project Management;
  • Corporate Financial Management;
  • Strategic Thinking;
  • Health Care Management;
  • Business English First Lessons.

These summer/winter three-week courses are designed to take place during vacation, allowing the participants to have an intensive contact with international quality education without the need of breaking academic and professional bonds.

Students are eligible to apply for scholarships covering up to 70% of tuition costs. All students, regardless of grade point average, area of study, citizenship or residency status are encouraged to apply.

How to apply for scholarships?

To apply for a scholarship, please contact Mr. Julio Souza (Jd*ZQD9FsolaBUqrGYKz]M76'x.=]#[1ZqDAM-2ijNx'4ez!G-mG-s*1\x') not later than June 14th. You will be given an application form and all detailed information regarding the programs structure.

Each scholarship opportunity depends on the availability of sufficient funding. If funding is not available, the scholarship will not be awarded.

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