Erasmus Training in Maribor

1 February 2015


„…let´s gain dynamic and positive experiences…“ 

Practical placement: Faculty of Economics and Business - International Office

Short description of main tasks:

  • collaborating with the foreign partners universities,  
  • institutions administrative and other tasks considering on students outgoing and incoming mobility,
  • activities in some international projects

Duration of training: 6 months

Beginning of training: Beginning of April 2015 – End of September 2015

Conditions of payment:

  • Erasmus or other scholarship from home institution
  • Monthly award from Maribor University Faculty of Economics and Business


What do we offer:          

  • all students benefits (food coupons, dormitory, library),
  • work in pleasant international environment
  • lively and young atmosphere in city of Maribor

Contact: International Office

Sanja Kocijan, MSc.

Tel: +386 2 22 90 252

E-mail: $?IQ[P^2tZVTL@a#k'7]18C]#[tw489YJ|XDA27WWtU0!@=+& or $?IQ[P^2tZVTL@a#k'7]18C9Rnc]#[g{'ZE?SrgI4I2+PgXC-LuD-v[bM

Deadline for application : 1st February 2015

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