Honorary Degree for Prof. Elhanan Helpman

20 May 2016

Prof. Elhanan Helpman is one of the world's greatest and most cited economists. His publications significantly changed the perception of the causes and effects of international trade, trade policy, the activities of multinational enterprises, as well as understanding of growth in the open economy. The professor is one of the founders of the new theory of international trade, political economy of trade policy and endogenous growth theory, which emphasize the importance of economies of scale and the importance of imperfect competition.

In addition, Professor is an activist in the field of public life, including the reconstruction of Polish-Israeli diplomatic and economic relations and the transformation of the Polish economy in the early 90s. The professor has been awarded a number of prestigious awards: Bernhama-Harms, Erwin Plein Nemmersa, Onassis, the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, and Northwestern University. University of Warsaw is proud to award the Professor with Honorary Degree.

8th June 2016, 18:00, Kazimierzowski Palace
Please confirm your attendance: =@-O]MJe9fDX&!y|spIzdw]#[#/w9M-1GT^/=2uq#YU?&Ud

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