Applications for programme Team

25 February 2016

Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) collects applications for programme Team
The applicants - outstanding scientists from all over the world (regardless of nationality) at research units or companies in Poland, working in the most innovative areas, with the involvement of a foreign research partner, who intend to include young researchers – students, PhD students or young doctors (postdocs) – in their team.
Tthe participation of at least one foreign research partner is mandatory.

Projects lasting up to 36 months will be financed up to PLN 3,500,000.

The application deadline is 15 March 2016.
The project leader is obligated to organize an open competition to choose the team members.

The team conducting R&D work in the project should have, beside the project leader, a minimum of 2 members (students, PhD students or postdocs).

As regards remuneration (based on an employment contract), the total costs of remuneration together with non-payroll labour costs are eligible costs.

The suggested remuneration for working full-time on the project is as follows:

  • Project leader – up to PLN 27,000/month
  • Deputy project leader – up to PLN 17,500/month
  • Consortium partner representative – up to PLN 15,000/month
  • Young postdoc – up to PLN 15,000/month
  • PhD student – up to PLN 8,000/month
  • Student – up to PLN 4,000/month

Students and PhD students may become team members based on an employment contract or a stipend. The suggested stipend amounts should be within the following ranges:

  • for PhD students PLN 3,500–4,500/month
  • for students PLN 1,500–2,500/month

Requirements and procedures at FNP website

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