Applications for FIRST TEAM and HOMING programmes

25 February 2016

Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) collects applications for FIRST TEAM and HOMING programmes. 

The applicants - young scientists after doctorate (max 5 years) may receive funding:

First Team - for young researchers to create and lead their first research team with funding up to PLN 2 million for a period of three years (with the possibility of extension by a further year).
These funds may be used for:
- salaries (the project director may apply for monthly pay of up to PLN 20,000 (pre-tax), a young PhD up to PLN 15,000, a PhD student up to PLN 8,000, and an undergraduate up to PLN 4,000),
- subcontracted work,
- stipends (PLN 1,500–4,500 pre-tax),
- training and internships as part of HR development,
- to cover a number of other costs connected with conducting R&D work.
- it will be possible to obtain funds in the programme (through a competitive procedure) for purchase of research apparatus.

Homing - to encourage researchers abroad to pursue a postdoctoral fellowship in Poland or to return to the country.
The amount of funding that projects can receive is PLN 800,000 over two years.
HOMING projects take the form of individual postdoctoral fellowships, but the directors may also involve additional persons in realization of the planned R&D work.
The grant funds may cover the costs of:
- salaries (a monthly pre-tax salary for the director of the project of up to PLN 17,500),
- subcontracted work,
- stipends,
- training and internships as part of HR development,
- additional costs related to conduct of R&D work

The application deadline is 24 March 2016.

Requirements and procedures at:

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