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Warsaw Actuarial Summer School


As it has been assumed and realised for the last twenty seven years the aim of the School is to fill a gap in the Continuing Education process, which is recognized as crucial for keeping high professional standards in most of western countries with well-developed insurance markets, and well-established actuarial profession. Thus the programme of the School is mainly dedicated to persons who have already entered the profession, or at least have passed the basic education state at WASS or elsewhere. Every year the selection of topics is different from some previous years.


We expect that persons wishing to participate are employed in actuarial, statistical or analytical departments of insurance firms and institutions of the insurance market and pension system, or at least have a basic actuarial knowledge (based on good mathematical background) and wish to acquire more specialised skills demanded when looking for a job in the insurance industry. Academic teachers interested in actuarial sciences are welcome, too. 


Faculty of Economic Sciences, 44/50, Długa St., Warsaw.



  • Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw, and:
  • Polish Society of Actuaries

Programme Committee:

  • prof. Łukasz Delong (Society)
  • prof. Wojciech Otto (University)

Director: Professor Wojciech Otto

Administration: Katarzyna Thomas

Address: 00-241 Warszawa,  Długa Str. 44/50, POLAND

E-mail: #pv[@U2l7TX?rVFdf9u]#[}`kP+l*[w]N3{8%Zo*b,  #pv[@U2l7TX?rVFdf9us1]#[qe_K*3$&/C=HhNOJK/~dx

Working language: 

  • Some lectures are in English and some in Polish.
The Fee:

The fee is calculated every year before the School, separately for each lecture. The fee per hour does not change radically every year.

One has to take into account also accommodation cost and expenses for stay in Warsaw. Foreigners can expect some help from our administration to find accommodation in Warsaw.


Persons wishing to participate should send application (expression of interest and CV, possibly recommendation from the firm, institution or university) to one of the following e-mail addresses:

#pv[@U2l7TX?rVFdf9u]#[}`kP+l*[w]N3{8%Zo*b, #pv[@U2l7TX?rVFdf9us1]#[qe_K*3$&/C=HhNOJK/~dx

Details of applying such as deadlines and Registration Form are accessible before the School.


WASS is organized in September, and the full education programme includes 7-10 working days. The details are given before the School.

Programme of the 29. edition

Programme from previous years - editions 23-28 


Lectures at the School are given by outstanding specialists from foreign actuarial societies and insurance companies, and consulting from Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, USA and Canada.

LSNA 2017

  1. Szymon Jaroszewicz, IPI PAN
  2. Katarzyna Kędziora – Audit & Consulting Services
  3. Paweł Koszorek – Guy Carpenter Analytics
  4. Adam Pasternak - Deloitte

LSNA 2016

  1. Walther Nauhausm Zablem-Neuhaus AS/University of Lizbon 
  2. Agnieszka Izabella Bergel, University of Lisbon 
  3. Aleksander Rejman, Willis Towers Watson, Germany 
  4. Tomasz Konieczny, Willis Towers Watson, Germany 
  5. Dennis Dobler, University of Ulm

LSNA 2015

  1. Jan Beirlant, KU Leuven
  2. Tom Reynkens, KU Leuven
  3. Katarzyna Kędziora, Audit&Consulting services
  4. Antoon Pelsser, Kleynen Consultants, Maastricht University
  5. Lutz Wilhelmy, Swiss Re's International Governmental Affairs and Consulting

LSNA 2014

  1. Dr Aristidis K. Nikoloulopoulos, University of East Anglia, UK
  2. Jeremy Kent, MA, FIA Principal, Consulting Actuary, Milliman, Italy
  3. Wojciech Ślusarski, Deloitte
  4. Róża Lewińska, NBP; Grzegorz Szafrański, Uniwersytet Łódzki

LSNA 2013

  1. Prof. Edward W.(Jed) Frees, Prof. Marjorie A.Rosenberg, Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin
  2. Prof. Ermanno Pitacco, MIB School of Management, University of Trieste
  3. dr hab. Łukasz Delong, SGH Warszawa

LSNA 2012

  1. Prof. Qiwei Yao, London School of Economics
  2. Prof. Jacek Koronacki, Ewa Nowakowska, IPI PAN
  3. Ragnar Norberg, Universite Lyon 1 

LSNA 2011

  1. Frank Schepers, Daniel Matic, Towers Watson, Niemcy
  2. Robert Pusz, PZU SA

 LSNA 2010

  1.  Richard Derrig, PhD, visiting professor, Temple University, USA
  2. Ateno Villar, PriceWaterhouseCoopers


Professor Wojciech Otto

Ms Katarzyna Thomas
tel. +48 22 822 74 04
Tu.-Fr., 9.00-16.00

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