Office of Admissions and Communication


Pieńkowska Anita
Degree: Ph.D.
Email: b\QH.KXg2q$@Jv58!LO#Ax*zU]#[DM7*w3H_$]bWBeuEuDXk|n3kB
Telephone: 22 55 49 190
Post: Manager
Office hours:

On an office leave till 31st Aug 19.

The staff

Krystyna Paczoska
Degree: M.A.
Email: b\QH.KXg2q$@Jv58!LO#Ax*]#[NM/'&7LSn.x#+!#0..0{Jiq
Telephone: 22 55 49 145
Post: Administrative Assistant
Office hours:

Mon-Fr, 10:00-15:00, room: B004

Comments :
Magdalena Dominiak
Email: b\QH.KXg2q$@Jv58!LO#Ax*]#[PAA2r6BIx.x#+!#0..0{Jiq
Telephone: 22 55 49 125
Post: Specialist
Office hours:

Mon-Fr, 10:00-13:00, room: B004

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