Division of Population Economics and Demography

Head of the Division

Górny Agata
Degree: Doctor habilitatus
Email: 7w].Iy0pJ8MjZ/~+_qHf]#[s_M{4sKh5xV`R8dkUz5S
Telephone: 22 831 32 01 do 03 w. 123, 124
Post: Head of the Division Senior Lecturer
Office hours:

Upon appointment.

Comments :

OBM (CEEERC WNE UW, ul. Banacha 2B, 02-097 Warszawa)

The staff

Oded Stark
Degree: prof. dr. dr. h. c.
Email: 7w].Iy0pJ8MjZ/~+_q]#[%kRj8eKf5|UMJxm5DW
Telephone: 22 554 91 21
Post: Professor
Office hours: by appointment
Comments :

List of Publications: http://ostark.uni-klu.ac.at

Paweł Kaczmarczyk
Degree: Doctor habilitatus
Email: 7w].Iy0pJ8MjZ/~+_qHfOBA]#['$Ij&txR9vHdFJt~hW&\X/*
Telephone: 22 822 74 04
Post: Assistant Professor Manager
Office hours:

Środa. Pokój: OBM (CEEERC WNE UW). Godziny: 12:00-14:00.

Anna Nicińska
Degree: Ph.D.
Email: 7w].Iy0pJ8MjZ/~+_qHfOBA]#[sfGl/h~\'SEY@8t~hW&\X/*
Post: Assistant Professor
Office hours:

On leave

Comments :
Łukasz Byra
Degree: M.A.
Email: 7w].Iy0pJ8MjZ/~+_qH]#[~ZW{%6'_+ECbcoc|hb1
Telephone: 22 55 49 121
Post: Research Assistant
Office hours:

Please contact me via e-mail

Comments :

Ph.D. Student

Aliaksei Bashko
Degree: M.A.
Email: 7w].Iy0pJ8MjZ/~+_qHfO]#[sZ?|.ez-B%/sP%-lDgQW8
Post: Ph.D. Student
Igor Jakubiak
Degree: M.A.
Email: 7w].Iy0pJ8MjZ/~+_qHfOBA]#[{b?t?\tR2SEY@8t~hW&\X/*
Post: Ph.D. Student
Małgorzata Katarzyna Wrotek
Degree: M.A.
Email: 7w].Iy0pJ8MjZ/~+_qHfO]#[!oPx=_v-B%/sP%-lDgQW8
Post: Ph.D. Student

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